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Introduction to Allied Express

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


Allied Express is the largest, independently owned courier and freight organization in Australia with places of work in all principal mainland capitals. A fleet of over a thousand vehicles covers the whole of Australia ranging from metropolitan bicycles to line-haul vehicles.

In fact, there isn't always a location in Australia to which this company cannot deliver, or a place from which it cannot pick-up.

More than the capacity to move freight from onelocation to another, you want a courier transport partner that operates in step with your enterprise and can reply to its altering needs. One that mirrors your carrier ethic, your transport regime and your experience of dedication to your clients. In realistic terms, a courier organization that thinks the way you do.


Allied Express Transport Pty Limited is a locally-owned personal company, deriving income from the provision of courier services, taxi truck services, specific freight forwarding and logistics. The business enterprise employs about 320 full-time equal people, operates in the course of Australia, and is administered from a head office in Chullora, New South Wales.


Allied Express Transport is a courier and freight provider company in Australia. The corporation divides its offerings into the following categories:

• Courier - Includes ordinary courier service, VIP courier service, government courier provider and gold courier service.

• Taxi-Truck - Provides VIP Taxi Truck carrier and Executive Taxi Truck service.

• Local Distribution - Provides a neighbourhood freight distribution system.

• National Distribution Services - Operates a fleet of over 1,100 automobiles to grant transport and avenue freight services.

• Third Party Logistics - Offers warehousing and distribution logistics services.

• Fleet Management - Operates a proprietary route-management machine to make over 30,000 deliveries on an everyday basis.

• Track & Trace - Offers real-time monitoring offerings to precisely forecast pickup and drop off times for freight.

Contact :

WEBSITE : www.alliedexpress.com.au

Phone : 131373

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