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Introduction to Aramex Fastway

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


Fastway Couriers is a courier delivery service company. The company operates in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Northern Ireland and South Africa. The company has been in existence since 1983, with regional courier franchises. Fastway was acquired by Aramex in 2016. Aramex is one of the top 5 global companies in transport and logistics. Fastway is currently rebranding to Aramex.


Today, Aramex Fastway Couriers' network includes 29 regional franchises and over 900 franchise partners across Australia. This network allows this courier transport company, to deliver on behalf of large customers, like eBay, OfficeWorks, Naked Wines, and others.

Aramex Fastway global network

Aramex can deliver to customers by using several means of transport such as road through motorcycles, vans and cars, as well as air for international transport which allows rapid delivery.

With the acquisition by Aramex, Fastway Couriers is now able to deliver internationally. Aramex courier company has multiple operations and franchisees in different countries, such as France, Algeria, Morocco, China, United States, Canada and all of Australia.

Blu Couriers

Aramex stands out through its Couriers Blu offer, which offers a partnership with individuals who want additional salaries, to deliver parcels in their regions, while choosing the hourly volume worked, as well as the days, it is a model of participatory delivery. More info about Blu Couriers is here: https://blucouriers.com.au/

The strengths and weaknesses of Aramex Fastway Couriers

Strengths :

• Contribution to respect for the environment through the proposal of eco-satchels

• Strong presence in the e-commerce sector

• Innovative offers

• 30 depots available across Australia

Weaknesses :

• In some countries, Aramex is encountering negative opinions

• Delivery delays

• Some partners lack seriousness

• Lost packages

Contact :

WEBSITE: www.aramex.com.au

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