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Introduction to Border Express

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Border Express

Border Express is a company which was established in 1981 by Max Luff, its head office is at Melbourne Airport, Victoria. This company operates in the logistics and supply chain sector, specializing in transportation, trucking, logistics, warehousing, freight, distribution and 3PL.

The start of its operations was in Albury for the maintenance of the Dartmouth Dam, after the company became a true national carrier providing full freight forwarding and parcel delivery services throughout Australia.

Network of Border Express

The Border Express network covers all of Australia, even the most distant regions. Thanks to its national network and its various resources (staff, warehouses, system, etc.), these elements guarantee an excellent distribution between states.

Border Express enters into partnerships with various specialized carriers for full coverage and each of its branches provides integrated services, warehouses and equipment suitable for the various operations as warehousing, storage, bulk and pick and pack ... a complete freight and logistics service with remarkable quality and speed.

This network of 17 majors partners located in different cities, also allows them to manage the entire supply chain without any problem. This regional network model with company-owned facilities and direct agent relationships in the Australian region is part of this freight company's strategy to provide full visibility into every postcode in Australia through the community of Border Express.

Today this freight company covers all regions of Australia, and this collaboration will fast track the additional service offering: air, international cross border services, knowing that it already offers its services by road.

The different activities of Border Express

Border Express offers 3PL services, and by having technologies and cloud-based solutions, it can handle the entire supply chain of its customers. It also offers storage services and B2B solutions, for retail goods.

Border Express meets nationwide express shipping needs, providing courier transportation and door-to-door parcel security, while providing national tracking and parcel visibility to its customers, this freight company is a real road express carrier. It can also offer B2B or B2C express freight service.

Border Express customers

Among its customers are : Linde, Bridgestone, CMV Truck & Bus, Essendon, SN@P, FM Fleetmark, BP and RWW.

Strengths and weaknesses of Border Express

Strengths :

• Strong presence in community projects

• Promote safety and health a lot.

• Large network

• Border Express can take the entire supply chain

Weaknesses :

• Loss of core business

• Some complaints from customers not satisfied with the service

• Late delivery

Contact :

WEBSITE: www.borderexpress.com.au

Phone : +61 3 8347 5400

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