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Introduction to Australia Post

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Australia Post is a network of government-owned logistics providers serving the daily needs of the Australian community for affordable postal, retail, financial services.

Australia Post, or Auspost, is the custodian of traditional postal services that have linked Australia for 200 years. They are determined to strive for excellence and ensure the reliability of its community by aligning with technological and social advances. Innovation, digitalization and maximizing customer satisfaction are at the centre of all Australia Post operations. It evolves and responds to what its community wants and needs to take into account the changing dynamics of the postal and logistics sector.

How does Australia Post work?

Australia Post, while operating in three main areas of logistics and retail, associated agency services, letters and parcels, extends its services with an extensive network of human resources, vehicle fleet, freighters and numerous subsidiaries. Professionally knowledgeable, more than 80,000 Australia Post and Star Track employees process 90 million parcels per year at 461 facilities, deliver to 214 countries with 12.1 million delivery points, operate approximately 7,000 post offices.

Packages and letters are delivered through a nationwide network of Australian Post Offices, Authorized Post Offices, Community Post Offices, Australia Post Franchises, Red Street PO Boxes, Parcel Lockers, PO Boxes express, parcel collection and private addresses. Australia Post Digital letterbox, dispatch automation and online services complement traditional services with modernization.

Why Australia Post?

The Australia Post delivery service is operational seven days a week - even during the pandemic scenario prevailing in 2020 - to relieve its customers of any inconvenience. During this period, in order to maintain the continuity of delivery services, the hiring of additional human resources, the redeployment of the workforce, the exploration and engagement of additional transport solutions, the implementation of new processing and delivery facilities were secured across the country. To accommodate restricted flight operations, Australia Post has made efforts to expand packages and mail delivery by road during the pandemic scenario.

How long does Australia Post standard delivery take?

Australia Post shipping time for Standard Post takes 2-6 days for all of Australia and 10-14 days for international deliveries. Domestically, the Australia Post standard shipping delivery time may vary depending on the location of the delivery point which is different for countries and metropolitan areas (weekends and holidays excluded). Items processed through Australia's Standard Shipping Method are proven to ensure convenience, timely delivery and added value to the customer experience for the Australian community, regardless of size.

WEBSITE: www.auspost.com.au

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