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Introduction to Sendle

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

What is Sendle?

Sendle is an Australian company which provides national and international courier services. The company competes primarily with the government-owned Australian Post and is the first postal company in the country to offer fully carbon neutral delivery services.

The company was founded in 2014 by James Bradfield Moody, Sean Geoghegan and Craig Davis. The creation of Sendle has three main reasons, simplify logistics, deliver cost-effective courier services and modernize postal services in the process.

What field is Sendle is involved in?

Sendle operates in many markets such as retail goods, parcels and logistics in the domestic and export market.

Sendle offers delivery services to businesses and community organizations. The company mainly focuses on small and medium-sized businesses, online retailers and services, and offers pick-up and delivery services at flat-rate prices.

What are Sendle’s dynamics?

Sendle is in the parcel logistics industry, but a small sub-segment of it is the consumer-to-consumer from a small business to the consumer logistics industry and that's anything less than 20 / 25 kilograms and baggage size registration as what it can deliver.

This industry is really interesting and first of all, it is characterized by a large number of monopolies usually in the form of national post offices, but it is also an industry that is growing quite quickly because we see things like the sharing economy take off.

The Sendle business is actually a software one, aiming to improve both the efficiency and the level of service its courier partners provide.

Why should I choose Sendle?

In August 2016, Sendle announced that it had exceeded 100 million delivery kilometres in the Australian market and announced its Series A funding round for further expansion. Later that year, the company won NSW's 2016 Telstra Business Award in the New Business category. Sendle is one of Australia's Most Innovative Companies.

In 2018, the company announced a partnership with eBay and became one of its delivery partners. It started offering a two-day delivery guarantee to eBay retailers who sold their products on eBay's platform.

Sendle became Australia's first carbon neutral delivery service to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions generated by the transport of their packages. The company received a lot of media attention in Australia when it started offering services significantly cheaper than the government-owned Australian Post.

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