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Introduction to Shippit

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Shippit is an effective delivery engine for contemporary shops that saves time, cash and eliminates friction in the transport process. Shippit’s mission is to revolutionize how we ship anything, to anyone, anywhere.

The company accepts as true a future where logistics infrastructure is tied to science to reduce waste and provide enjoyable shipping experiences.


The values have not been modified since inception, in fact Shippit’s team embody and enjoy these values in the daily life.

Shippit makes sure to push envelope through tackling ancient norms. Shippit is a wonderful area to work and can back that up, as it has been ranked as #7 in Linkedin’s Hottest Startups to work at in 2019.

Shippit has an overriding focal point on health, dedicated advocates for intellectual fitness, consciousness and gender pay equality. They’re dedicated to assisting and nurturing their group with perks like bendy work arrangements, above industry-standard parental depart and so great deal more!


• Smarter, within your budget shipping

Fulfil orders in seconds. Have your choice of carriers, and keep on top of transport expenses with Shippit’s shopping power. Give clients the preference of transport timeslots to suit their needs.

• Advanced monitoring and notifications

Easily send parcels through more than one carrier from one, single interface. Customers can get hold of branded email and SMS notifications and see GPS tracking.

• Detailed reporting and analysis

Know your key metrics like service performance, common transport times, common transport costs, complete spend and more. Understand what’s impacting your transport expenses


Emissions from fuel used in shipping booked on Shippit's carriers are one hundred percent carbon offset through the usage of licensed carbon offsets from Carbon Neutral. If you are searching to make a difference with climate change, however are not certain where to start, you can begin delivering Carbon Neutral Deliveries today at no additional cost.

WEBSITE: www.shippit.com

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