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Introduction to Startrack

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


StarTrack is a logistics service provider, created in 1974 in Sydney by Greg Poche. Although primarily focussing on the transport of parcels, freight and logistics, it offers storage, order preparation and even packaging services. Today StarTrack is owned by Australia Post.

StarTrack has an excellent local delivery network that covers all of Australia, as well as delivering packages to over 190 countries. It has substantial infrastructure and equipment resources, such as automated freight sorting terminals, warehouses in different cities, and also has a fleet of more than 16,000 vehicles.

This express freight company has also invested in processes and technologies, such as automatic sorting systems while providing real-time visibility throughout the freight process, to the customer.

The StarTrack freight express service

StarTrack has more than 16,000 vehicles and delivers throughout Australia, this service is intended for businesses and individuals through the following offers: Road Express: is a nationwide business-to-business distribution solution, the customers can track real-time, book pickup and re-delivery, and get proof of delivery.

StarTrack Premium: This fast delivery service is for the general public, what makes it special is the fact that the customer can be delivered the next day. Like the business-to-business offer, the customer will be able to track his delivery and obtain proof of delivery, once the goods have arrived, the customer will be notified by SMS and Email.

StarTrack Courier: allows the parcel to be delivered the same day, it is a priority courier service, thanks to specialized drivers and fluid and flexible schedules. Air Freight: StarTrack is connected to an air network, with more than 750 flights per day to more than 80 destinations, where it offers another service under the name of "StarTrack Next Flight". This service also makes it possible to be delivered the same day, as it remains the fastest way between states or even throughout the country.

Other services than courier transport

StarTrack is a Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL), so its activity does not only consist of transporting freight or courier. This company has warehouses for storage and preparation of orders, equipped with advanced technology. StarTrack can manage all downstream logistics (warehousing, carrying out inventories, cross-docking, etc.). Manufacturers or wholesalers can outsource the logistics and shipping of their finished products. In addition to freight and courier management, this company offers packaging solutions and offers boxed packaging supporting up to 20kg and satchels supporting up to 5kg.

Advantages and weaknesses of StarTrack

• Advantages :

- Management of all downstream logistics ;

- Very fast delivery ;

- Connected to several means of transport.

• Weaknesses :

- Delays in deliveries ;

- Exposure to Australia Post network, and challenges of surges in business

- Lack of flexibility

Contact :

WEBSITE: www.startrack.com.au

Phone: 13 23 45

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