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Introduction to Toll Global

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


This company was founded in 1888 by Albert Toll. Headquartered in Melbourne, it’s a logistics and transportation company, and it offers transportation services by road, rail, sea and air, it offers also warehousing and storage operations.

On 18 February 2015, Toll's Board accepted the proposal from Japan Post, one of the world's biggest logistics companies, to obtain all of Toll's shares. Japan Post was searching to Toll to spearhead its international operations.

Toll continues to be headquartered in Australia and retains the Toll brand. TOLL Group is now developing globally with the help of Japan Post. As of early 2021, Japan Post are seeking to divest themselves of the Toll Group. This will have ramifications for existing customers, as well as repercussions throughout the freight industry if Japan Post is unable to find the right buyer.

TOLL Group has come a long way from the beginning, hauling coal with the aid of horse and cart in 1888.


• Courier services

From files and packages to vital spares and scientific supplies, the Express Services are designed with the customers in mind and provide unparalleled access to the domestic and international network.

• Cargo

Delivering a small package, or transfer of dangerous goods and bulk goods, TOLL Group have the experience, infrastructure and international networks to move the freight - in any city.

• Logistics

TOLL Group provide supply chain solutions, as warehousing and distribution to dedicated transportation solutions, around the world and in some of the world's most distant cities.

Contact :

WEBSITE: www.tollgroup.com

Phone : 1300 769 875

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