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Introduction to Couriers Please

About Couriers Please

Couriers Please is an express transport and parcel delivery company. It has been established in Australia since 1985 as a franchisor and its headquarters is located in Sydney with more than 450 employees.

Couriers Please specializes in distribution, Ecommerce delivery, logistics and supply chain, through innovative solutions that make delivery on the same day possible.

Couriers Please has been in business for 35 years, this period has made it competitive, as it has been able to control its costs, optimize its delivery time and increase its quality of service.

It should also be remembered that Couriers Please is owned by Singapore Post.

What is the scope of the activity of Couriers Please?

Couriers Please delivers packages across Australia. It has invented flexible systems, so customers can pick up their packages whenever they want and wherever they want, through the POPstation system (Pick Own Parcel Station), via a strong network of newspaper merchants in all Australian cities.

Does Couriers Please deliver packages only by road?

Couriers Please relies on a road network through trucks, vans and motorbikes to optimize the delivery time at the last mile.

The weaknesses and strengths of Couriers Please

Like any company, CouriersPlease has weaknesses that it fixes on a daily basis, and on the other hand, it has several advantages.

Some weaknesses:

• Loss of a few parcels

• Sometimes delivery delays

• Application Bugs

• Relay point disputes

These weaknesses are minimal and this company is continually developing and improving its services.

On the other hand, CouriersPlease Freight company is a genuine last mile alternative to Auspost through its previously cited network, which creates the following advantages:

• Fast delivery

• Highly developed communication

• Professional delivering drivers

• A flexible cargo management system

It is also important to note that CouriersPlease is an ecological company and even is a finalist for the ASCL Environmental Excellence Award.


PHONE: +61 1300 361 000

WEBSITE: www.couriersplease.com.au

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