• Marshall Hughes

Introduction to FreightSafe

FreightSafe's solutions allow transport businesses to compensate their customers for loss or damage while in transit. FreightSafe is not an insurance broker, but are Australia's largest claims manager to the transport industry.

FreightSafe's solution includes: - Bespoke Warranty Solutions designed to suit each customer's needs

- Bespoke Insurance Solutions for different customers

- A new, profitable revenue stream for carriers

- All claims are managed by FreightSafe, a professional claims manager, as an extension of the carrier's customer service team

- FreightSafe is not an additional cost for freight companies in Australia, but rather an new revenue stream

- Data and analytics which clearly identify operational trends around lost and damaged freight

Working with many of Australia largest freight companies, their tech-focused solutions allow for quick and easy onboarding of claims management and transparency on claims provided to all parties through their web based claims portal.

FreightSafe already manages hundreds of claims every day, and has capacity to bring on many more Australian freight companies. Contact: https://freightsafe.com/

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