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Introduction to Hannah's Haulage

Hannah’s Haulage was founded in 2000 by Managing Director Scott Hannah. Hannah’s Haulage specialises in linehaul services and offers reliable and economical solutions to customers looking to make savings by seeking alternate methods to the standard express services offered by the traditional carrier. Modern and Safe Fleet

Hannah’s Haulage only buys Volvo, Mack and Mercedes trucks. They are fitted with safety features such as:

• emergency braking technology

• lane departure warning systems

• adaptive cruise control.

Hannah’s Haulage only keeps the trucks for a maximum of four years or 800,000km which means they are covered by warranty the entire life of the vehicle. GPS Track and Sign on Glass POD

Hannah’s Haulage system integrates into the GPS tracking of the trucks meaning they are visible within their system live. Through individual secure logins, customers can see in real-time where their loads are. As each load is delivered a sign on glass POD is sent to the customer to confirm that the delivery has been made. Corporate Customers Hannah’s Haulage provides reliable, cost-saving linehaul solutions and specialised services under contract for companies such as CSR, Cleanaway, Vantage, Stoddart's and Rivet. Website: www.hannahshaulage.com.au

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