• Marshall Hughes

Introduction to Ofload

Ofload is a digital freight platform that eliminates waste by co-ordinating the market through technology.

Our technology enables optimisation by providing access to back-loads for trucks that would otherwise travel empty and automating administrative functions through centralising transport activities. This results in an overall contribution to sustainability and CO2 reduction. For Shippers

We have digitalised the end-to-end road freight process: from getting a price, booking and managing your transport, to controlling fulfilment and successful delivery. For Carriers

We partner with great carriers to give them access to the best loads from Australia’s largest shippers. We want to give you hassle-free access to more work without needing to add more sales personnel or engaging in long negotiations.

Offload is committed to its sustainable mission and will plant a tree for every shipment booked via our platform.

Website: https://www.ofload.com.au/

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